Viral and bacterial infections in ferrets

Ferrets are prone to a number of viral and bacterial infections. There are vaccines available to prevent some of these, but good management practices go a long way to lower the risks of infectious disease in ferrets. What viral infections do ferrets suffer from? Ferrets are not susceptible to the viruses that commonly produce upper [...]

Parasitic diseases in ferrets

Most of the external parasites of domestic dogs and cats (fleas, mange, ear mites, etc.) can cause disease in ferrets. However, less is known about the ferret's susceptibility to the more common internal parasites (roundworms, etc.) of dogs and cats. Do ferrets suffer from parasitic diseases? Ferrets can suffer from both internal and external parasitic [...]

Miscellaneous health problems in ferrets

Two medical conditions of ferrets that demand special mentions are the ferret's extreme susceptibility to canine distemper and the unusual consequences of female ferrets coming into heat. These are therefore covered in separate factsheets. However, there are other medical conditions that affect ferrets that are briefly covered here. Can ferrets sweat? Ferrets lack sweat glands [...]
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